Don’t switch off and think that this is boring!

Understanding the basics of copyright is actually fundamental to all musicians. Only by knowing something about this will you know why your songs and recordings make you money.

I find that all but a handful of musicians know that there are 2 basic copyrights in every track that they make – the copyright of the composition (song) and that of the recording.

These are separate and each is capable of generating you money.

I am going to do a series on copyright and sampling on the main site in due course, but this article is a great primer.

I encourage you to read it, whatever stage of your musical career you are at.

So you’ve written a new song. It may have the potential to be a hit, but one thing is certain: it makes sense to properly protect your song if you hope to profit from its recording and public performance. How do music copyrights work? What is required to have ownership of your song’s copyright? Why should you register it with the Library of Congress? What are some of the common music licenses that generate income for songwriters?

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