This is an interview with an experienced and active manager who understands the modern music business – Randy Nichols of Force Media Management.

The interview is from the ever excellent Musician Coaching site. You might want to skip some of the early stuff about his own career (although it’s interesting), but don’t miss his thoughts on the industry, what it takes to make it as an artist today, using social media and more.

One of the biggest things I look at when I’m thinking about taking a client is whether or not the client is working really hard already. Not just working hard in the studio, but working hard on the street, getting to know people, talking to fans, using technology and doing everything a manager should be doing to build their own careers. The way I see it, a successful artist needs to be a good business person nowadays.  A manager can come in and help them run their business, but if they’re not already smartly running their business, chances are they’re not going to take my advice, they’re not going to follow everything I say, and they’re going to be in a bad situation quickly.

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