Don’t click on this link unless you have some tiume on your hands!

It’s a list of 100 great socila media tips but each tip links to another article and pretty much all of them are really worthwhile. It just cost me well over an hour of productivity.

Bookmark it for sure.

Click here for the 100 tips.


In todays social media world, the video seems to be the optimum format for getting your music across. As much as we like to listen to music, the art of discovery is often helped with a video.

With all the low budget tech out there, it is now within everybodies reach to create a video. I succesfully filmed a band at a live gig recently with just two iphones just to see how it would work, and it didn’t turn out too bad! 

So if you fancy giving it a go, there are a few simple things you need get right before you embark on your first video production.

Peter Gavin has put together a list of 5 key points that will help you create your first video in a post that i found on evolver FM.

He says you need to consider these things..

1. It takes 2 (cameras) to make a thing go right

2. Lighting is the more important than your camera

3. Audio quality can make or break your video

4. You already own editing software

5. Resize your videos without losing quality

He goes into depth in the full article that you can read here. Which also has more leads/links to more info that will guide you through to making your first video.


Another interesting way to create a video is to use a useful app that has just appeared on the Web.

Vyclone is a new free iPhone app which allows you to include and remix your own video footage with the ones of your friends recording the same event.

Vyclone synchronizes and edits everyone’s clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together.

Sounds awesome, you just make sure you get a few friends to install the app at your gig and get them filming, all the pain of syncing is taken away so you can just use the best shots!

For more info go here

Go on give it a go… it’s not as difficult to make a video as you think!








The way music can effect people is fascinating, it seems to be able to effect you physically and emotionally, but have you ever wondered how?

I came across the following video which gives you cool insight into how music really does effect you, and the reason we are all addicted to it.

Check it out, music really is a drug…..


Hi! We’re back from our Summer Holidays, Ian spent a lovely 2 weeks down in Devon dodging the rain, whilst I avoided the Olympic madness in London and spent the time in Berlin. So we are back now bringing you more tips and suggestions we have scoured from the web, and as we were away there’s a lot to catch up on.

The first thing to catch my eye is an article on how to grow your mailing list. This in my mind is the single most important thing a band should be doing, after writing some amazing music!

Musicians have to get over the fact that their music won’t be magically discovered as it was before the internet, and staying connected to your fanbase is imperative, and the best connection you can have (after their telephone number which is highly unlikely) is their personal email address.

Jon Ostrow, Cyber PR’s publicity director has written an article that hits the nail on the head and lists 10 Ways To Grow One Gigantic Mailing List.

Continual and correct engagement with your fanbase is crucial to keep them loyal, and with sense of exclusivity you will continue to keep them that way.

He mentions in his article…

When building and nurturing a fan base, your objective is always to strengthen loyalty, then size. Going way back to the ‘1000 true fans‘ theory, having 1000 super fans who buy everything from you and are in constant support of you is far more beneficial (and lucrative) than 10,000 casual fans. So, creating a strong sense of exclusivity is very important when offering something in exchange for an email address. You want your fans to feel as though giving their email address to you is meaningful, as if they were joining a club or community, ultimately strengthening their loyalty to you.

Check out his 10 winning ways to grow your mailing list here





by Steve




We seem to be awash with infographics here at Make it in Music!  I just found this other cool one (courtesy of Mashable) displaying the facts about How The Internet Has Rocked The Music Industry. Sometimes its good to see the details! 


I love Infographics, especially when they are well designed and informative. So i just had to share this one with you. Here is 15 Top Tips on how to Record Like A Professional. 



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The Friday Five – 27th July 2012


It’s almost here! The Olympic Games in London starts in just a few hours, the buzz here is pretty intense and the City seems to of gone mad. And amongst all that we have still managed to get out of the pub, and bring you 5 Olympic nuggets for you to peruse at your leisure.  See you at the finishing line! And in no particular order….


1. How To Make A wikipedia Page For Your Music

Excellent set of guidlines and rules for crafting your own wikipedia page. you got to make sure you create  something that doesnt automatically gets removed. Thats happened to several people i know.



2. Utilising Fan-created Content In Your Next Music Video.

Useful examples of getting your fans in to help create your next viral video!



3. Top 5 Mistakes Musicians Make with Their Live Show

This is real solid advice, all musicians should read this one.



4. The Totally Colourblind Man Hears Colours As Music

There are times I wish i could do that!  Just Watch…..



5. More Free Samples! This Time Some Out Of This World Weirdness

Sometimes, you’re looking for a beat, chord or riff that you can use as the basis for a track, but on other occasions, what you need is a bit of other-worldly weirdness to add atmosphere.



Enjoy the sports fest! See you next week….



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