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I wander all over the internet looking for the best advice I can possibly find to pass on, and I aim for 3 to 5 things per day. Enough for readers to take on board and not too much to overwhelm. Quality not quantity! Some days I find them and some I don’t!

I do, however, find a bunch of people consistently coming up with great stuff. One of those is Jon Ostrow at Mic Control.

So, when I uncovered this today, which is 7 months old and not on his site, I got to the bottom and saw that he’d written it. I felt that since I’d tweeted loads of his posts lately that I shouldn’t pass this one on for fear of being too repetitive.

But, I have to as it is critically good.

Every one of these 15 mistakes / tips is a failing I have seen time and again.

Read this well!

Musicians are entrepreneurs whether they want to believe it or not. By writing music under a band name, pen name or even just their own name, they have effectively created a brand that must be properly marketed if it is to thrive and flourish. But there in-lies a major problem: not all musicians know anything about marketing and they will eventually make some critical mistakes that lead to the demise of their short-lived venture. It is, however, the musicians who take the time to learn from past mistakes made by other musicians, and furthermore learn to correct these mistakes, that are the ones who build up the kind of influential brand that has lasting power.

These are 15 potentially crippling, yet ultimately avoidable marketing mistakes that are all too commonly made by the emerging music community, along with tips to help you as an artist to overcome and succeed in the best way possible:

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