It’s almost here! The Olympic Games in London starts in just a few hours, the buzz here is pretty intense and the City seems to of gone mad. And amongst all that we have still managed to get out of the pub, and bring you 5 Olympic nuggets for you to peruse at your leisure.  See you at the finishing line! And in no particular order….


1. How To Make A wikipedia Page For Your Music

Excellent set of guidlines and rules for crafting your own wikipedia page. you got to make sure you create  something that doesnt automatically gets removed. Thats happened to several people i know.



2. Utilising Fan-created Content In Your Next Music Video.

Useful examples of getting your fans in to help create your next viral video!



3. Top 5 Mistakes Musicians Make with Their Live Show

This is real solid advice, all musicians should read this one.



4. The Totally Colourblind Man Hears Colours As Music

There are times I wish i could do that!  Just Watch…..



5. More Free Samples! This Time Some Out Of This World Weirdness

Sometimes, you’re looking for a beat, chord or riff that you can use as the basis for a track, but on other occasions, what you need is a bit of other-worldly weirdness to add atmosphere.



Enjoy the sports fest! See you next week….