If you use Facebook as much as I do, you will see many disgruntled users complaining on how their fan page content is not reaching all the fans they have. This is because Facebook doesnt work in the same way as other social media tools do. it uses an algorythm called Edgerank. Once you understand this and how it works, you will definitely see an improvement in your views, and your content should be becoming more viral.

The Edgerank algorythm determines what gets placed in a users newsfeed. You will notice that in the ticker at the side of a facebook page that not all the content displayed there gets put into your main newsfeed. with the thousands upon thousands of posts going on every minute, there has to be some way of seeing what is of interest to you, and this is judged upon engagement.  

Since the last major facebook update, the two main websites I am blogging on  I noticed through my statistics for those sites that the amount of traffic coming from Facrbook was declining. 

These sites are feeding by an RSS feed all the posts created on them to their respective Facebook pages, but the engagement created by them is becoming less and less. 

So what is needed is a better form of engagement that can get traffic from these views to get to your site.

Check out this infographic from the Mariposa Agency for some facts on different forms of engagement other than status updates and how well they perform.


On the two websites I mentioned earlier, we have taken steps to change this, by utilising images placed on facebook with a link in the text we’ve noticed a vast improvement of engagement and traffic.

Bryan Kim director of Biz Dev at Tracksby, personaaly admins over 100 facebook pages for musicians. He has written a brilliant article going into detail on how to get your facebook page performing better. He says,

No matter how facebook slices it, your actionable instruction remains the same: GET MORE ENGAGEMENT! Get those likes, those comments, those shares. Make it your main goal with Facebook. These engagement points build on top of itself, ensuring better and better distribution on news feeds over time as your engagement improves. It’s something like a credit score for your Facebook page, and the algorithm lends you more impressions the better you perform.

How to increase your reach on Facebook?  Read his full article ‘The Definitive Guide To Facebook For Musicians’  here.

Written by Steve