So, with your schedule busying up, and with alot of deadlines to meet before the upcoming tourdates, maybe you should leave the running of your acts social media to someone else?

Social media is changing on a weekly if not daily basis. New technologies come and go, some successful, some not. How on earth do you have the time to try each one of these and see which is effective for your act/band/project.

Well maybe it is time to hire someone to take on this ever growing list of tasks, but with the whole world offering you solutions out there, how can you make a descision on who is right for the job of taking care of your online presence?

Here are some keys attributes here which were selected by writer Stephanie Winans in an article she originally wrote for her website that you can check to see if the person or company you are picking is the right one.

1.    Is An Online Social Butterfly

2.    Has An Understanding of Your Target

3.    Gets Customer Service

4.    Knows What’s Going On

5.    Can Spell

6.    Knows The Devil is in the Details

7.    Is At Least A Little Techie

8.    Is Okay With Being “Plugged In”

Music marketing master Micheal Brandvold has also expanded on her list, he added the following comment to her number one item ‘Is An Online Social Butterfly’

This is definitely the number one item you should research. Is the person who is going to help you walking the walk and talking the talk? Do they live what they preach? If they are going to help you with Twitter see how they use Twitter. How many followers do they have? How well do they engage with their followers? How well do they use all of the various sites out there that they are claiming to help you with? Here is what it comes down to… do you want someone who has only 35 followers to advise you on what to do?

You can read Michael Brandvolds article here.

Written by Steve