Yep it’s the end of the week, and here are this weeks five things we thought you might just want to take a look at.


1. Fanfunding Tip: Offer Imaginative Incentives to Entice More Fans

The DIY Musician have created a great list of pledge ideas to hook in new fans.


2. Musical ‘Stock Market’ TastemakerX Puts Your Money Where Your Ears Are

An Iphone app/game that allows you to invest in your favourite acts with virtual currency, sort of like the stock exchange meets the pop charts.


3. Get Venues to Ask You Back: 8 Tips You Can Use For Your Next Show

Nice small article from Reverbnation on how to get a venue to ask you back. Could be useful….


4. How To Make Your Facebook Timeline POP!

Ariel gives a whole bunch of tips on getting your Facebook timeline to work better for you.


5. Free Music Making Samples Download

There are beats and hits aplenty for you in this week’s bundle, plus a collection of FX stabs.