This looks like it could be a useful online application,, is the music industry’s first cross platform portfolio web app designed to aid individuals in organizing, protecting, & sharing their creative identities. Consider it a digital business card for the 21st century that houses all of your relevant career info and media without the clutter of social networks and official websites., the first product from Boston-based music-tech startup Indie Ambassador, was created after its founders, all of whom are lifelong music entrepreneurs in their own right (see below), realized there was no tool designed to allow their demographic to neatly and securely showcase their projects in a manner that was ideal for industry professionals to access and interpret.

The app allows users to grant select access to unreleased content (audio, video, images, & files) via private streaming and download, while assigning custom expiration dates from a mobile accessible dashboard. A recent integration with SoundCloud is the first of many third-party services that will be built into the app in the coming weeks.

Currently in private Beta, is optimized for use across all Internet connected devices, enabling users to proficiently network in-person and online.