We spend everyday at the MIIM Mansion scouring the web for news to bring to you. Usually we find top tips and guide you to things can be especially helpful for the DIY musician/Artist in the new music economy. But with all that reading we cover a whole lot of news, articles and nuggets that are equally as useful, informative and often downright funny.

So from now on, on a Friday, we are going to give you our Friday Five. Five cool things we found this week, that didn’t quite get to our post of the day, but feel we just had to share with you in some way.

So in particular order….


1. Songstarters

Need help in starting to get that tune in your head out? Then try this….



2. The Top 100 Must Follow Music Resources on Twitter

Seems like a useful continuing series from Chris Robley, broken down into groups of 10.



3. Is Your Music In An Art Gallery Or At Ikea?  

Read this a while back, something to consider though…


4. 8 Simple steps to Formating a Proper Press Release

Just incase you didnt know…



5. Free Music Making Samples Download

Yes summer is here, are you feeling Balearic? Fancy writing some downtempo/chillout? Music Radar are offering a free download of 253 samples to help you create the mood…



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see you next week,  Steve

Above image from Bjazz