I get the feeling this one could be a biggie! ChatWithTheBand is a new Facebook application, currently in beta brought to you by RockNRoll Digital. A live video chatroom to get upclose and personal with your fanbase.

Once you have installed it on your Facebook page, you can choose when to schedule and promote a broadcast through Facebook. When the chat is live, all participating fans can see and hear the artist on their Facebook page, and can chat to the artist and each other in a live text stream. 


When the artist wants to chat to a specific fan, they can  click that fan’s name to start a direct video chat with them in front of everybody, Alternatively click the “Chat With A Fan” button to randomly select a fan to do the same, bit like Chatroulette that, while rest of the audience can view and comment on the current video chat.

The artist can also play tracks and get direct feedback, which has got to be good, directly giving the fan the kind of engagement we encourage here ar Make It In Music.

There’s going to be a whole load of extra features when ChatWithTheBand finishes its beta phase. In the pipeline are Kickstarter and TopSpin (one of our favourites!) integration, email list embedding, broadcast recording, and page customization.

Sounds wicked.


For more information go here.

Written by Steve