Pinterest, it is one of the fastest growing Social Media networks of all time. It currently has over 11 million users, and it’s format is even changing the way people are designing their sites and blogs. The answer?

Well it must be that people just love looking at pictures, and seeing a large selection on a page just takes one more step out of the browsing experience, making much easier to consume the data presented.

I myself have already created a pinterest profile for my visual website www.bloodyloud.com. It is bringing to the site a lot more traffic, but the interesting thing for me is the use of the ‘Boards’. It gives you a chance to present your content in a different way, maybe with more fun aspect, and can be used to help develop your online personality. Example: we post loads of things to do with Star Wars, so we create a board called ‘These are not the droids we are looking for..‘. Each of the items displayed are on bloodyloud as a serious art/news item, here we re title them with something more amusing, and we get more traffic. Also we can use multiple images from same item differently, attracting the user in different ways.

So now as i work here at Make It In Music too, it was great to see an article on Hypebot explaining how you can use pinterest to maket your music.

Writer Valeria Bornstein of Fame House says:

If you have fans that are passionate enough to follow you across multipleplatforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it is safe to assume that they will also likely follow you on Pinterest as well. Pinterest is a great place to connect with fans on a personal level because it allows you to showcase your tastes, as well as things that interest you individually. On Pinterest, users share primarily pictures (videos too), and again, there isn’t much writing involved so it is more visually appealing and can be easier to capture people’s attention. Pinterest is not a site that is driven by music at all, so it is essentially a platform for purely sharing content with fans.

Pinterest can be an effective platform for building relationships with audiences, but is an ineffective platform to “sell” to them. By sharing on Pinterest, your fans get a better sense of who you are as a person, and you can build emotional connections with them, which should be one of the main goals of any brand-fan relationship. Fans are more willing, by far, to spend money on and support (word of mouth shall not be discounted!) those artists that have made a personal connection with them.

Check out more of her in depth article here.

Written by Steve