I’ve just read an interesting article on Hypebot, all about what’s needed to build up a loyal fanbase. The interesting thing about it is how they have noticed it is quite similar in a way to building a cult! And as artists i guess you all want a little praise every now and then, so it is boiled down here into 13 tips on how to turn your fans into superfans! ( err and not the darkside!).


Building A Loyal Fanbase:

1. Give Your Fans a Name

2. Tag Fans in Your Panoramic Concert Photos

3. Give Approaching Fans Your Undivided Attention

4. Always Have [Cheap] Merch Handy [For Free Giveaway]

5. Share Dark Secrets on Your Blog

6. Send Special E-mails

7. Develop Shared Symbols

8. Use Loyalty-based Apps to Connect to Your Fans

9. Play in Smaller Venues

10. Stay on Your Merch Table

11. Conduct Live Webcast

12. Showcase Them In Your Music Video

13. Post [Photos of] Their Gifts on Your Website and Social Networks


You can read each part of these 13 tips here on the oiriginal post by Unified Manufacturings blog site.

They manufacture merch both sides of the atlantic for majors acts, hence the emphasis on merch, but hey in this DIY approach we push here at Make It In Music, merch is a really good thing. It can really strenghten the relationship between you and your fans, as well as being packaged in a deal in your online store.  Topspins figures prove that music and merch packages sell far better than just music, cds or downloads.


Check out Hypebots Cult analogy here.