Social Media or Social Branding, the two buzz words that are changing the way we interact with each other and all with the things we like from musicians, artists, TV shows and Films, and even Products. In a short time the market place has been revolutionised by the world of social interaction.

This process is slowly removing the ‘middlemen’ from the equation. There was a time that everyone needed middlemen (labels, publishers, distributors, marketers, retailers, ticket sellers and promoters) to get their music career happening.

Now this is no longer the case, the DIY artist/musician now have a wealth of apps and different choices to carve their own future, using direct to fan technologies which we at Make It In Music absolutely love.

There’s a new technology that I am quite excited about, Distro FM. It has a new twist on the spotify subscrition model, where a fan can directly subscribe to an artist to play their music, live shows, videos, in fact anything the artist wants to share with you. 

Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.fm says this about Distro fm in an article on Hypebot.com.

The recently-launched Distro.fm can handle all the technology stuff for you, so you can charge your fans 10 bucks a year (or so) for everything you want to send them. When that year is up, you can ask them to resubscribe. Your fans can stream all of that stuff, download it, or play it within Distro’s upcoming app, which will be able to cache the songs so they can play them without eating up their precious little data plans.

Check out what the other four Apps Eliot recommends in his full article here.

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