This is an amazing piece from an artist who does it all differently.

Written in his own inimitably direct style deadmau5 explains a core concept that untold musicians/artists never grasp.

He compares how an artist positions themselves to the difference between having a rollercoaster or a theme park in your backyard.

If youre an artist, youre making music, releasing music, maybe even a hit here and there… you need a few things to cement yourself ‘in’ other than a first and last name and a handful of tracks. Of course youll have your twitter account, facebook, tumblr, etc etc… so you have all these little conduits at your disposal to reach out to your followers, whether its 10 friends, 100 fans, or a fucking epic 1 million plus cult following, it really doesnt matter, it all applies relatively.

It’s bonkers, brilliant and true.

Read it here.