Three days ago, an artist called Amanda Palmer launched her Kickstarter campaign to fund her new Album, Art Book, and tour. She was trying to raise $100,000. She has now currently raised $485,000.  Nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

The response is phenomenal and has acheived this amount with only 8,470 backers. Some of whom have pledged vast amounts, 25 have pledged over $5000 each, for a very special package from the artist. Pledges range from $1 to over $10,000. Check out more about her pledge packages and project here.

And Kickstarter is not the only place you can go to to get fan funding of your musical project. A friend of mine called Plum has recently raised £5000 to finance not only the manufacture of her album, but also a video and promotion to boot! She used to raise the funding needed. Check out here strategy/pledges here. Other places to organise and raise the capital needed are Pledgemusic and Fundit so there are many places to tackle problem of getting your dream financed.

Seeing the response Amanda got in only three days reminded me of an interesting article I read recently by Chris Singleton over at Prescription Pr, who has put together a series of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to a Fan/Crowd funded project.

Check out his article Getting Your Fans To Fund Your Album here.