Following on from our daily post 2 days ago ‘The PC Is Dead‘ we found an interesting post on the Music Think Tank site breaking down the importance of breaking into the smartphone world properly and developing and using mobile apps.

Engagement is now everything to you and your fanbase, and cellphones now number 5.6 BILLION users on the planet. That means there are alot of new fans to find and engage with a mobile application.

Cory Crossfield states in his article… The reason most campaigns for artists fail is the fact they equate fan interactions with conversions and sales. If the interaction between a fan is to be measured into how likely they are to purchase something, the value of creating an experience is lost and so is the fan. When combining interactions and mobile applications, the ability to create the experience is amplified because you are taking a device the fan communicates with and uses every day and engaging them.

This is creating a more personal continuous experience for the fan/user, and in this fast moving digital access world, you dont want to be out of their mind for too long. They will soon become disrupted and move on to the next thing that engages them. 

you can read his full article here.