So, you got great songs, a great image, a cool website and a cool name. If no one can find you on google or other search engines, then all that hard work could be in vain. Understanding how to get your project on the front page of google is now just as important as any other part of getting your career together for the independent DIY musician.


It’s all about tuning your website content. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). When a user places a word/phrase in the google search window, the sites that are tuned to that specific word or phrase will appear. The ones that are tuned the best will appear on page one.


Users searching for things on the internet rarely go beyond page one of google because they can usually find what it is they are looking for or an alternative there.  So it is essential to try and get your site tuned so when a new fan is searching for music they can find you, preferably on page one.


There are millions of websites out there, and right from the off, your website is competing with all of them. You are jostling for a ‘chart position’ here just as much as you would be in the music charts, but don’t be put off thinking there is a whole ‘dark art’ to be learned here.


 I found a cool article on, going into detail on how to get your site search engine optimised, helping you understand keywords and and keyword phrase structure to get your site tuned up and google friendly.


We also have a great article on the Make it in Music website ‘Search Engine Optimisation for your Band Website  going into details with a video on keywording your site.




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