Technology has come along way in the last few years, and the trends of consumption change along with it. We are now heading towards a time where people will no longer be carrying around their laptops as smartphones will soon out number PCs on the planet. 


We have moved to a world of access, where we have everything we want at our fingertips, and just as the music industry adjusts to a new business model, along comes the next.  Still the problem remains with the ‘old guard’ record labels struggling to keep it together, and maintain some kind of resemblance of what the industry was. But, will they, and you the music makers, be ready for what comes next?


Even Facebook is starting to realise it’s the mobile market is where the future is with its purchase of Instagram. No one wants to get left behind. The model is changing.


Bob Lefsetz sows a few seeds here for you to think about where all this is all heading, also with a view on how current social trends may soon dissapear and become outmoded.


You can read his article here.


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