If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed that the posts have dropped off dramatically since I took up a job at a major management firm – read a bit more about that here – as I simply don’t have the same time to pick up on great tips.

As promised, normal service will resume as and when Steve gets on board and I find that extra bit of time to keep this up!

One thing I have had confirmed from the first month back in the mainstream music business is that there really is a level playing field for the DIY musician and what we and the other musician advice bloggers tell musicians is EXACTLY the same stuff that big music marketing agencies charge labels and globally succesful artists loads of money to do.

So, what we’re telling you is what works!

Anyway, here’s the tip that I’ve come across today.

This free eBook is called the ‘Social Video Blueprint’ and it explains what makes a video likely to be shared and therefore likely to get more likes, views and comments.

It’s written for brands rather than musicians and some of the specifics don’t apply. In fact, there’s a lot of general theory in the first two-thirds of the book, but read it all and in the last third you’ll find loads of good solid tips and advice that will help you make videos that are more likely to get views.

For musicians part of the message is that you can make a video that seemingly has little to do with your music (as well as making lyric videos, music videos, backstage and live videos etc) and let your music soundtrack be part of the video. If both are good, you can direct some of the viewers on to your music elsewhere.

There’s plenty of specific ideas on what type of content works in that context.

In fact, when you sign up for ‘Social Video Blueprint’ you’ll also get ‘Video 101’, a basic short overview of video marketing that is also extremely worthwhile.

Go and get them here and see what you can learn to apply to your videos.