Success Mag interview, 2012 from Seth Godin on Vimeo.

I got this Seth Godin interview from @Lefsetz who was raving about it.

It’s not entirely, or even mainly, about musicians, but it’s all about why we do what we do and how that affects how we market stuff and why niches are a place to focus and begin.

I particularly love the line at 11.08 – this repeats what I’ve written in my post called ‘Is my music good enough?’

And it’s crucial -“Who are the first people who are in your tribe? Who are your friends, who trust you, who you can tell about your idea? If they don’t tell their friends, then it’s a lousy idea and you should start over!”

This is the truth about your music – it has to be good enough for people to be desperate to pass it on. If it isn’t, go back and work on it some more!

But that’s not all. Listen to the whole thing and see how Seth sets out why appealing to a niche means less competition and a raving fanbase. I learnt this from Tommy Silverman of Tommy Boy Records who always argues that every artist breaks out of a niche. So, don’t go for the jugular of the mainstream (unless you’re overtly pop and have a major label behind you!), but rather focus on a niche, own it and build from that!

There’s one more thing too – at the end of the interview where Seth is asked what one piece of advice he’d give to business owners – his response is to start a blog and post every day. Great advice for musicians too!