This is pretty much the gospel when it comes to how to fan fund a record.

Ginger Wildheart has raised more than 5 times the money he asked for to make a triple album.

Sure, he has history and a fanbase to fall back on, but you should have some kind of active fanbase before you even attempt fan funding. Maybe not as many as Ginger, but the fabled 1,000 fans is a minimum really.

Read the interview with his manager here.

There’s a lot I love about the interview:

People love music, they love great bands and they love a great story. The industry is very different than it used to be but in many ways is stacked more in the artist’s favour than ever before. With such a direct line into fans, an artist has complete creative freedom to explore, and at the same time fans also have complete control as to which projects they want to see come into fruition. Its an ideal scenario for both parties.

And then there’s his view on what’s essential for every artist:

The importance of honing your craft can never be underestimated. There are so many bands that rush to play live and record. It really is a false economy. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s one people won’t forget in a hurry. No amount of tweeting and Facebooking will make up for your band’s miserable live performance!

Read the whole thing as it has general insight for every musician plus great detail on fan funding.

Once you’ve read that go and watch Ginger’s pitch for fan funding and look at how he updated pledgers with almost daily videos (the Activity area at the bottom of his pledge page). I know he has that heritage to rely on, but that didn’t stop him doing a great job just to make sure anyway.

A lot to learn here.