This is a video uploaded yesterday by a musician who follows our blog.

I spent some time yesterday and the day before working on and explaining a strategy that I am sure will bring additional exposure for Nick’s music. He is a talented singer songwiter with a focus on 12 string guitar.

You can see the thread of the advice (there was also a long phone discussion) on our Facebook wall in the threads of the last few days – (if you’re reading this weeks later, don’t sweat it as the test will be over!).

In short Nick is going to build a profile as a great 12 string guitarist with lots of YouTube video and a website dediated to that niche genre of music. This WILL WORK for him as he has the talent and his material is strong. He can therefore focus on gaining a fanbase in his niche and grow from there.

It’s exciting!

What I NEED your HELP with.

I want to use Nick’s video uploaded last night as a test on how my experience and theories on YouTube are developing.

I really need as many people as possible to:

1. Log in to their YouTube account – this is crucial;

2. Visit the video’s URL here –

3. Click the ‘Like button’ just under the left side of the video.

4. Comment on the video.

5. Add the video to ‘favourites’ and to a playlist by using the second button in from the left.

6. If at all possible – embed the video on a site that you have or post a link somewhere that points back to the video with the anchor text ’12 string guitar lesson’ …….if you know what that means!

7. Share the video on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

8. Watch it – although actually that’s not the point right now (weird, I know!).

If you could do any or all of these things I would be extremely grateful.

The purpose of this test is to see how all those positive actions affect the YouTube algorithm and how much it increases the profile of the video on YouTube – in ‘hot new videos’, getting on the front page etc.

We can track that with YouTube Insights and it will really help me in my future advice to everyone who reads our post.

The point is not to ‘game the system’ but it is to try and work out a best practice approach to follow every time you upload a new video to give your video the best kickstart and chance of high numbers of real views and the best possible viral spread.

Nick is just the guinea pig but he deserves our help too!

Please help us out and we’ll let ou know if it works, or not!