There is an awesome idea at the bottom of this post that I haven’t seen used in quite this way by a musician.

The post is a very thorough explanation of how to build an iFrame page on Facebook. Of itself that is a great post and worth learning how to do – although I use the ‘Static HTML for iFrame’ app on Facebook rather than going through the app developer route – you might if you’re geeky!

But that’s not the point here.

The point is to look at the bit of the post right at the bottom just above the comments where the author offers a reward/prize for people who pass on his post on Facebook or Twitter:

To make this a little bit more exciting, I’m gonna give away one copy of Guy Kawasaki‘s new book “Enchantment“, which I have been reading for a couple of days and can guarantee you it is off-the-heezy. To be fair and give everybody the opportunity, you’ll be able to participate on Facebook or on Twitter.

On Facebook

  • Go to the SocialMouths Facebook Page and “Like It” (molto importante)
  • Share this post on your wall by using the link:
  • When you share the link add this comment How to Build a Facebook Landing Page with Frames | @SocialMouthsIf you “liked” me first, that “@” in front of “SocialMouths” will automatically tag me and make your post show up on my wall too, that’s how I’ll see you. If you don’t use the “@socialmouths” in your share you will be invisible to me ; )

He then goes on to explain exactly how he’d like you to share the post on Twitter as well using hashtags so that he will see the tweets.

He then picks a winner at random after a couple of weeks by watching the Facebook shares and the tweets.

At the time of me writing this, the post has been tweeted 1036 times and shared on Facebook 1463 times.

That is a HUGE amount of traffic.

Some of these will have been natural from the post’s readers but there’s no doubt that the contest and specific instructions will have kickstarted the sharing. This has snowballed further as it got shared wider picking up lots of Google +1’s and clearly getting the love on StumbleUpon.

OK, this is a great post that is very useful to people as a tutorial and so very shareable.

But you can apply this principal to your own site and use it to get your fans and readers to promote your music.

Simply offer a copy of your album if they tweet your post about it using the same promotional techniques.

Or, perhaps you think you don’t have enough clout to get the momentum started?

How about you make a list (or an album even) of bands in your genre or locality and pick one track from each and everyone runs the contest.

If I was in a folk band I might write a post about the ten best up and coming folk acts and add my own band in there as a cheeky final suggestion. I’d then perhaps offer the albums of the top three bands in the post as a prize to a tweeter or sharer. Get the ball rolling by telling the other 9 acts that they are in the post by contacting them on Facebook, Twitter and via their sites. Spread the word to blogs that cover the genre and you ought to see a massive spike in traffic and interest in all ten bands on the list, including yours!

It’s also worth noting that all the sharing and tweeting will give your site a very signifcant SEO (search engine optimisation) boost as well that will have a lasting effect on your site traffic.

Use this as inspiration to try it and see what you can do to entice fans to share a post.

We will DEFEINITELY be using this technique ourselves.