I thought everyone knew this – but apparently not, so this is just a short heads-up!

I was amazed yesterday when two artists separately told me that they didn’t have CD’s for sale at their shows as they couldn’t afford a full production run of 500 or so.

I was amazed that they didn’t know about small scale replication.

Of course, you can burn CD’s at home and do pretty good quality artwork but often the on-body print lets that method down.

For some years I have been sending people to Kunaki – a service where you upload all the parts of your CD to a site and they make them individually on demand. The quality is great and you get a full colour on-body print. These are replicated CD’s not made from a glass master but for small runs they are perfect. You can then link this online CD to your band website so that you hold no stock and each time a CD is needed Kunaki makes it and ships it.

Of course, you can then also order, say, 10 or 20 at a time yourself to sell at gigs.

You can also use these to stock a CD Baby store etc.

Amazon offers a similar service with Create Space. I don’t think it’s as good as Kunaki.

There are more too – just search for ‘CD on Demand’.

That’s all. Hopefully this has switched on a lightbulb for those that didn’t know!