I was talking to a musician a week ago about how he was going to focus attention on his solo career since he was about to move on from a band in which he felt he was doing all the work.

One of the things we talked about was creating a blog that centred around the scene he is in – either a local scene that covers all types of music played by local bands or a global scene defined by genre.

The blog would talk about that scene and he would be seen as a leader and have a platform to talk about his own music and to place it into the context of the genre / local scene.

I think this is a very powerful way for any musician to build an audience – and we wrote about it here – Why musicians should be bloggers.

Then we talked about adding podcasting to that blog.

Podcasting is a way bigger challenge than simple blogging but it is also a whole other way that people can discover you and your music.

The same idea of centring the podcast around a scene applies but this time you’re doing it as an audio podcast that people can get from your site, or, crucially iTunes.

Make it good and people will discover you and you will build an audience.

I’d go as far as to say that any DIY musician (whose music is up to scratch) can build an audience by making themselves the centre of attention in a specific niche by using a blog, YouTube, Twitter and podcasting.

There’s a great article on the basics of podcasting here.

And the man who knows everything there is to know about podcasting is known as Podcast Answer Man and he has six free video lessons that cover the basics here.

The first one is below.