ShareSquare isn’t just another company blooming in the wake of the QR Code phenomenon.

I hope that you’re not a QR Code naysayer – the statistics show that the understanding and use of them is exploding.

Every musician needs to use them where appropriate.

What I like about ShareSquare is that they are focused on musicians and artists and their system isn’t just a QR code creator – it also has a CMS (content management system) that allows you to create a mobile optimised HTML5 app.

That means that you can link the QR code to something specifically designed to show your content on a mobile and get your fans to take a specific action. You also get amazing tracking info and very customisable apps.

There’s a free trial that might well be worth giving a go but then the lowest price is $99 per month so it is not for all. The free trial has to be worth a go when you have a big gig coming up though!

That said, you can learn a HUGE amount about music marketing on mobiles and with QR codes just by reading all their tutorial info here.