Another one!

We’ve tipped you off about a bunch of ‘how to’ guides for Facebook in the past, so why another one?

Well, this Facebook marketing guide from MakeUseOf is good, simple to follow and covers the basics. It’s not completley up to date and it’s written for business rather then musicians, but it’s worth reading to broaden your skills of spreading the word on Facebook.

I look at all these free guides as a way to pick up a few tips. I’m not always looking to get the definitive guide in one place (we’re saving that for when we get time to write a guide or two!).

And, on this page at MakeUseOf you’ll find LOADS of free pdf guides on various things that are really useful skills for the DIY muciaicn. You have to give them your email to download the guides but then you get a password that gives you access to all of them.

They include guides on the following topics:

How to build a WordPress site – very useful skill!

How to use Google Apps and Gmail – proper use of this is a great way for a band to manage their communications and diaries etc.

How to use Dropbox.

Recording with GarageBand.

How to use Twitter.

So, loads of great stuff. Can’t believe that I hadn’t ever found it before!

Here’s the Facebook Guide again.

And here’s the page with all their free guides on it.