QR Code use is really taking off.

Don’t know what a QR code is? It’s those square odd looking boxes of pixels that you see on posters, packaging – all over the place now. It stands for ‘Quick Response’ code and once scanned with a scanner on a smartphone it will transmit information or open a webpage.

Powerful stuff and, despite some naysayers, the recognition and use of QR codes is growing exponentially.

I think they are now something that every musician should be using to send fans to their website, to a mailing list sign-up form, to run a special competition etc.

This post from Aweber has a great basic guide.

Through the magic of QR codes, consumers can interact with your brand in unexpected places. Mobile web means they can explore your content away from their home computer.

That’s why QR codes make the most sense in print – on billboards, stickers, fliers, signs, business cards, in magazines, anywhere people might see them on the go. The point is to drive them to your mobile site to make a purchase, join your mailing list, download a coupon, find out more about your business or something else that makes their interaction with you easy and enjoyable.

Read it here.

As a bit of inspiration, look at this very clever Christmas promotion that JC Penney are using – a customer records a personal message to the person they are giving a gift to and they can scan it and hear the message as they open the gift.

Imagine doing that with a personal message from the band as a tier offer on your fan funding project for your next album.