This video is a run through of Pat Flynn’s Blog World presentation.

His original post with links to the things he mentions is here.

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Pat is a well known marketer online who has created a very large audience for himself through his open and honest marketing methods.

He talks about how to promote a blog or products online, but what he says can be applied to promoting music pretty much wholesale.

In this video he talks about the three biggest ways that his blog has been discovered and where the majority of his followers come from.

And they are:

iTunes (because of his podcast);


Links from other blogs

Although the concept of creating valuable useful content that applies to bloggers who teach something (how to blog, how to surf, what’s the best camera etc, etc) isn’t 100% applicable to how you can spread your music and your brand as a musician, there are many lessons in here that you can adapt.

Podcasting is a great way to get your fans in tune with you, your tastes and your music – an effective way to bring your tribe (as Seth Godin calls them) closer to you. Those podcasts can be about your music and what’s happening with your band and career but they can also be about the wider world of music – with elements that relate to your music.

And, as we said in this post – Why musicians should be bloggers – there is a MASSIVE opportunity for musicians to place themselves at the centre of a niche, genre or scene by becoming the authority blog on that particular scene. The strategies that Pat talks about here are then very useful for building an audience.

In short, every musician trying to get noticed should be looking to get a presence in places where there are huge numbers of people looking for music and info/news about music – YouTube, blogs and iTunes are obvious places for that.

Watch and you will get some great ideas!