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7 great insights into what makes a post on Facebook get shared.

As Mari says there is a shift from ‘Likes’ to ‘Shares’ – don’t freak out, ‘Likes’ are still very important as they are social proof but Facebook users are clearly getting used to sharing posts to their walls.

Facebook recently changed the way users interact with content on fan pages: any user, including non-fans, can now post on fan page walls and like/comment/share fan page content. In other words, a Facebook user does not have to first like your fan page before they can interact with your content. This is a good thing!

Since this change, the emphasis has shifted slightly from gaining more likes (fans) to increasing the number of shares on each piece of content. When you craft your fan page updates in a manner that naturally inspires fans and their friends and visitors to your page to share with their networks, you set in motion ripples of viral visibility. Basically, free additional exposure.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been observing which posts from fan pages and from personal profiles (with Subscribe enabled) garner the largest amount of shares. I also recently asked my Facebook fans and friends for examples of great posts with large numbers of shares. Following are seven tips I’ve compiled for you that seem to help create the most shares:

Read the 7 tips here.

I’ve pointed this out before but to see this work for an artist just go and look at the wall of Stanton Warriors here – they do a great job of engaging their fans with photos, videos, chat and snippets of their life as working DJ/producers –