If you want to get more people to see a particular post on your website or to buy tickets or take some specific action, you want that message to spread to as many people as possible.

This new service, Click to Tweet, enables you to create a pre-written tweet for people to click on. This will open their Twitter account with your message prepopulated with your Tweet.

So, you can email all the people on your fan list (you do have one of those right?) or put the Tweet in a short post on your site or your Tumblr and specifically ask people to click it and spread the word.

Here’s an example:

Please click this to Tweet about our latest post on How to promote your music on Spotify –

Of course, you could change the text in that link to ‘Please click to Tweet about this’ or similar.

When clicked, it’ll open your Twitter account and have this Tweet ready to go – “Great piece on how to use Spotify to actually promote your music –“.

Please do so we can see how well it works!

As a way of encouraging people to spread the word I expect to see this be very effective.

Use Click to Tweet here.