Two separate things, entirely.

I’m very proud of this little gem that we unearthed today as it has two truly brilliant articles in it that every musician should read.

It’s a monthly bulletin pdf from the UK’s independent music organisation, AIM, and in it there’s a bunch of stuff.

But, the two things that are bang on for indie and DIY musicians are:

How to build an artist website – by Tony Morley who runs The Leaf Label. This guy has loads of artists that he works with and has seen a lot of artist websites, so he knows what works. This is a BRILLIANT article that covers everything that you need to know about building your artist website. PLEASE READ THIS! Tony also covers the other basics you should be thinking about – Facebook, Twitter etc (he gives our Twitter for Musicians guide a nice nod – thanks Tony!).

A guide to making money from cover songs – by Alex Holz at RightsFlow. Another great article that looks at ways that covers can attract attention and make you money.

There are also other bits and bobs in this 22 page pdf. GET IT here.