I’m a big fan of QR codes and I really think that they will become increasingly widespread.

We like to make one, create a poster with a simple and obvious call to action (e.g. ‘Scan the QR code to sign up to XXXXX mailing list and get a free EP straight to your phone’ or similar) and post it at gigs with the link being straight to the sign-up form on the artist’s site.

Works a treat!

I saw this company’s QR codes as a result of @Buzzsonic posting a link to their greetings cards – which are great.

But, I love their ‘phygital’ codes such as the one above for the Shazam app, where they manipulate the code using images rather than the standard black and white – which I think makes a big difference and entices people to scan the code.

Plus they look cooler.

Check out Stupid Creative and their phygital QR Codes here.