You need your own website – fact.

But, you might also benefit from a Tumblr site.

Less formal, a place where you can post thoughts, photos, inspiration, random stuff.

I’d still have a sign up form that goes to your same mailing list system (Aweber if you need help deciding!) on your Tumblr though!

You might be reading this on our Tumblr site – the way we use it is OK. It suits our purpose of quick posts pretty much every day (and we save our main site for larger, deeper posts), but it’s not really best practice.

Still, people check it out….a lot.

You can make your Tumblr as simple or as complicated as you like. It can be styled or left very plain. The added advantage is that there is a community on Tumblr just like Twitter and Facebook and they reblog posts avidly – so it’s genuinely a way that people can discover you and your music.

This piece in Billboard lists 30 great music Tumblr sites that will give you plenty of inspiration.

If you think it’s worth adding to your network I’d recommend posting a little something about your life and how that fits with you being a musician at least once a day, saving deeper content posts for your main site, posting there maybe once a week.

That’s a general ‘rule of thumb’.

Here’s the Billboard list again.