We wrote a piece about an amazing radio airplay monitoring service on the main site.

Then I heard about this service, Tunesat, which is a similar service in that it uses audio recognition to track plays of your music, but its focus is on plays that happen on TV and on websites.

As such, it is particularly useful for people whose music is getting used a lot for soundtracks or licensed for synch uses.

Since a lot of use of music for background scenes on TV is covered by blanket licences (in a lot of countries, but not the US) you will often not know when and where your music is being used. Tracking it like this will mean that you can have the data you need to make sure that the collection societies are paying you what you’re owed.

Of course, if you’re making music for commercials, this service will be especially useful.

It’s not free but it is reasonable on a track by track basis.

Check it out here.