I recently learnt about this very cool trick and then saw this post on ampmusicmarketing that teaches you how to do it.

This is a BIG DEAL!

We started using this IMMEDIATELY that we found out about it.

The instructions explain how to add a link to the bottom of your video on YouTube which links to your own site.

YouTube lets you do this in the description of a video but the usual on-video annotations can only link to other videos on YouTube.

So, getting a link to your site that offers viewers a free download of the track that they are watching if they sign up to your mailing list is really special.

The instructions are great but they leave out a couple of key points.

1. Don’t worry about paying for the clicks. Although this is supposed to be about using Google Adwords and Youtube Promoted Videos together, you don’t have to aim to get the video ranking high in YouTube’s paid search in order to get the off-site ‘call to action’ link on your video.

Set it up and bid very low – 1 cent will do it – and you’ll be allowed to add the link but you’ll get very few, probably no paid clicks and it’ll cost nothing.

The video will still show the off-site link everywhere that it is played.

2. This link is better than the link in your description as it will display everywhere that your video is embedded. So, make your video, put the CTA link in and then try to get it spread to other sites where your description wouldn’t show, but this CTA link will.

DO THIS, it’s brilliant marketing for almost free.

Here’s the link again.