[[posterous-content:pid___0]]We all get misled by the digital revolution and end up believing that everyone is happy to have a digital version of music, movie, photos or art.

But, that’s clearly not the case.

We are tactile creatures and like to collect physical objects.

There’s still a place for physical media.

If you use Topspin and follow their ‘rebundling’ philosophy, you’re used to offering the digital version of a record as the entry level and the enhanced offerings will include physical CD’s vinyl, special packaging, merchandise elements etc.

This, as ever, great piece from Prescription PR looks at the need to include physical goods in your offers to fans.

I thought  I’d devote a bit of time this week to underlining something important: that although the digital revolution has in general made the likes of CDs, tapes, minidiscs and records look very obscure, and cheap as chips, paradoxically it has also – in certain contexts – made them look very hip and a potential source of lots of moolah.

Raed the whole thing here.