Rapportive – I’m not sure if this is a ‘music marketing‘ thing but I I was so blown away by it that I have to post it.

And, in fact, I can see a LOT of ways that this can benefit musicians.

Rapportive is a plugin for Gmail that adds an amazing amount of information about people that email you by dragging it from their online profiles. This means that you can manage your relationships with them much better.

And, you really ought to be using Gmail and Google’s Apps in order to run your band anyway as they have so many great functions to save you time and share info.

As a DIY musician you’d be able to record and recall what you said to any contact in the music business – venue, promoter, label scout etc – as well as being able to keep tabs on any relationships that you have with ‘superfans’ that email you.

And, it integrates with your fan mailing list – if, that is, you use Awber or MailChimp.

Read all about it in this great post.

And check Rapportive out here.