This is an awesome post from a year and a half ago.

Eric who runs Evolvor tweeted about it earlier today saying how it was ahead of it’s time – and it was!

In essence, his piece says that music bloggers will ignore almost all the press releases that they get simply due to the constraints of time.

But, if you make it easy for them to use your content you’ll jump to the head of the queue:

This is my battle cry for bloggers, and even more so those in music industry. We want to produce as much content as possible for our audience and want to help them discover as much new music as possible. And the labels and promoters of these acts need to wake up and understand how valuable our time is and that by providing us with pre-formatted rich media press releases, their success rate would jump through the roof.

Instead, send them a pre-formatted press release that includes pictures, videos, music widgets, and a link to a free download. If something like this comes through my email, I’m at the very least going to give it a look, and if the music is even mediocre, I still might just publish it for my readers to digest.

But, not only does the post explain this, Eric has also made a cool tool embedded in the post where you can drop in your headline, text, photos and links and it will give you html formatted code that you can send stright to a blogger.

This is a very cool tool and an insight that will help you get a LOT more coverage on blogs.

Combine it with the wsidom in Chris Bracco’s often mentioned eBook, and you’re set!

Read the whole post and use Eric’s formatting tool here.