SoundCloud is a bit of a mystery to me.

I use it, lots of my clients use it and we all love it, but what should you be doing there?

Is it just an audio store, or a community or a place to promote your music and find fans.

Well, it’s all these things and that’s the beauty of it as different people use it in very different ways. I just wonder if I should be pro-actively using it to promote music or just being part of the community!

And, now that it powers various other tools, notably RootMusic’s BandPage, you might be virtually forced to have a profile and some music on there.

I’ve long wanted to write about the definitive way to use it, but I don’t need to as SoundCloud have their own Guide.

It covers all sorts of stuff. Make sure to check out the ‘Basics’ section but also the ‘Masterclasses’.

How to use SoundCloud to run a remix competition anyone?

How to set up Groups?

Check it out.