This is one of the BEST posts I have ever read on how to actually make your Facebook Fan Page do it’s job and increase your fanbase.

It’s written for business but it can be applied to an artist fan page.

I’d go as far as to say that if you did these 15 things you’d be set.

I particularly like numbers 6 and 7. Number 6 tells you that Yes/No questions get the best engagement from fans – it’s sorta obvious, but all the best things are.

And number 7 is about following influential people on Facebook and interacting with them. Bands just don’t do this enough. It gets you noticed, but don’t be spammy ….ever!

Lori says the following and I agree!

This post is for only for smart people looking for real strategy and tactics you won’t have to trade their first born to implement. It’s my best 6,186 words of awesome thoroughness written for you! No fluff. And it’s might not be a phone read – it’s a “printer”.

Read all 15 here.