There is a VAST amount to learn if you want to succeed as a musician who markets and promotes their own music online. One key skill is how to get people to your site.

In almost every case you’ll have a website and need to send as much traffic to it as you can – and the more highly targeted that traffic is the better.

This piece on the Prescription PR blog covers a lot of the basics and I agree with pretty much all of it.

There are hundreds of thousands of musicians, all over the world, with music sites. But only a tiny proportion of the owners of these sites are popular musicians that people have actually heard of (and are therefore in a position to search for). So the vast majority of music sites languish on a server somewhere, with online tumbleweed (whatever that looks like) slowly passing by them. By virtue of the fact that you are reading this, you probably own one of them.

So how do you generate more traffic to that music site that you lovingly created? Well, as ever, we’ve got a few suggestions.

Read it here.

My own latest tip is to search out as many places as possible online to submit an artist site that list where people can get free music.

Start by searcing for ‘submit free music’ (try it with and without your genre) and submit a link to a page on your site that only has a sign-up form for your free music offer.

I am only just starting to try this and will report back opn how well we do asap.