I saw the video below on this post on the Social Music Media blog.

And I love the idea. What a great way to get feedback from your fans and make them feel that they can get closer to you and find out what really makes you tick – something that the superfan really does want.

As far as I can tell, it’ll be a Facebook App and it doesn’t seem to be live yet, although you can sign up for more info at Chat with the Band.

But, although this is a great way to have face to face interaction – being as it’s live – there are a whole bunch of other ways that people are using video to get a similar result speaking directly to their fans.

Jessie J took dares from her fans and posted videos of her doing them on her YouTube channel and on a tab called ‘Dare Jessie J’ on her Facebook Page. Great idea and well executed.

FanBridge has a feature called ‘Video Fan Questions’ which is an upgrade of their Fan Questions tool that simply allows you to post an answer to a fan-posed question by linking to a video you’ve posted to any video site.

Daria Musk used the launch of Google+ to make a splash with her lengthy hangouts/gigs using the video chat built into that new social network.

And then here’s the way that Norman Cook does it. OK, it’s not video based but the way he takes time to answer questions and has a form front and centre for that purpose on his site is really well done. We wrote about it here.

So, Chat with the Band might turn out to be a great tool to have live chats with your fans, but people are doing similar things already and once you have more than a handful of fans, you can too.

Whether you use Formspring, your own site, Google+ or some new app on Facebook, it won’t really matter but if you give your fans a chance to ask you questions and get a response with you talking directly to them, it’s got to be a good thing.