….for now.

More @Lefsetz but with a big nod to Ian Rogers from Topspin.

Bob is commenting on an interview of old school label guy Al Teller by the Topspin boss.

In the video, Al tells us like it is:

“Mass appeal radio, saturation radio play, is still the single most powerful connective roadway for an artist to fans… Mass appeal radio is still the one last barrier that has to be broken down… It’s a very symbiotic relationship between the major music companies and the major radio stations. Once that link is broken, then I think the game is over, then I think the Internet reality, the ability to do all of the pieces of the puzzle, to get from an unknown artist to someone who can sell serious numbers of recordings, that’s when I think that game will be in a whole new dimension.”

So, when, and what will replace it?

No-one knows, but it matters to you because until the fall of mainstream radio, the final piece of the DIY puzzle is out of your hands. Change will come and the promise of an entirely DIY route to mainstream success will become a reality.

Read Bob’s piece here.

And here’s the video.