We’ve witten about the importance of your mailing list a fair bit on the Dailies and in the Fan List section of the main site.

But the point often needs to be hammered home, as in this post on the Prescription PR blog, which once again points out that collecting email addresses of your fans, really does result in more revenue for your band. The money truly is in the list!

The piece is also a great overview of how to set up a mailing list and what your options are.

One important answer to this tricky question is this: the money is in the list. What list, we hear you ask? Well, the list of people who have given you an email address. Generating a decent database is one of the most important things that a band can do these days, but, perhaps understandably – as “data management” isn’t exactly the sexiest aspect of a rock career – it can get overlooked by bands. So in this article we’re going to spell out the benefits of having a good fan database, suggest ways to build one, show you how it can generate dosh and outline some pitfalls to avoid. What on earth else do you need?

Check it out here.