This is just a quote from @Lefsetz’s mail newsletter that he sent out yesterday.

I quote it as he always posts it on his blog a few days after the newsletter goes out and I didn’t want to wait!

He’s talking about Mark Cuban, the US entrepeneur and how it made him realise how he, Bob Lefsetz, had managed to reach an audience. These short paragraphs really hit home, especially the final one:

Are you willing to put in the hard work to get there?

Hell, I’ll be honest, I was stunned Mark Cuban knew who I was, never mind wanted a meeting with me. To shoot the shit no less, with no agenda, because he thought it would be fun… I’m just a guy sitting in front of a computer screen in my underwear, how did this happen?

Hard work and a paradigm shift. When I was printing my newsletter and sending it via snail mail, my audience was limited. But the Internet opened the world to me, and if I can just write something special enough, it’s astounding who I can reach.

There are no limits online. Everybody’s got an e-mail address. Yes, doors are closed, but you have the key in your pocket, you can open them. And it doesn’t happen by knocking. It happens by creating.

It’s true.

If you create something great and learn how to spread the word online, the modern world and all this connectivity is THE greatest opportunity musicians have ever had to be heard.

You can do it.