Another long video from the IMS summit in Ibiza earlier this year.

The people on the panel are genuine experts and I do really recommend that you take some time and watch the whole thing.

BUT, for me the best stuff is from Randy Reed who manages an act called Pretty Lights that you may or may not have heard of. The facts about Pretty Lights are that he has given away (yes, for free) 1.5 million album downloads and as a consequence he sells more albums on iTunes et al and has a career that makes him a very good living from those digital sales plus touring and merchandise.

For me, he is the total answer that freemium (when applied to good quality music) clearly does work. If it’s not working for you, my usual hunch is that your music isn’t good enough! Therefore what his manager has to say about how to reach fans wuth Social Media is worth hearing, don’t you think?

Randy comes on the video at 11.41 and then in a couple of other places, but, like I say, you ought to watch it all!

Here’s the video: