You might well already have seen this new tool rolled out by Reverb Nation which allows you to use their Facebook Ad engine to promote a song to the fans on Facebook of artists who are similar in style and direct them to a dedicated landing page where the fan trades an email address for the download.

If you look at the testimonials at the very foot of their blog piece, it looks like they are acheiving about $0.30 per fan email address. That is impressive.

If we manage anything like that for a Facebook ‘like’ we think we’re doing well when running Facebook Ad campaigns, but I value a fan’s email address far higher. Maybe they aren’t acheiving this every time, but with campaigns starting at $25 we will definitely be trying it out.

It looks like the engine constantly refines the ads in order to get these kind of click though rates as well – something that is a real pain (but absolutely necessary) when you’re admin’ing the campaign yourself.

Here’s the blog piece and the video:

Promoting Your Music on Facebook from ReverbNation on Vimeo.