I’ve been away again! Sorry for the lack of posts.

Whilst I was away I was contacted by the guys behind EyeSeeSound, which is a monthly web based magazine that offers a slightly different take on the music focused blog. I love their approach – I agree with them that having a monthly release and a magazine format on the web makes you delve deeper into their musings every month,

I’ve highlighted it here for 2 reasons. One is that they are obviously very open to approaches from DIY musicians as their remit is to focus on the DIY scene, but also, think about how their approach could be used to promote you and your music. I know we are always saying that you ought to have a regularly updated website, but perhaps you can step outside the box and offer something that has this monthly (or quarterly) approach – either as your sole offering on the web or as a paid extra for the more committed fan – like a fan club. And the web magazine format would work great for that.

This is what they say about their site-a-zine in their on words.

Focussing on independent and DIY bands and artists the magazine, Heads Up, offers an opportunity for music and culture lovers to discover new bands, short films, animations, artists, photographers and designers through a stylish and innovative approach to website design and functionality.

Check it out here.